St. Martin

Mar 3, 2011 7:57 PM by Herbie Smith



On February 16th, 12 year old Jonathan Credeur says he was bullied and forced to fight his classmate in a boys restroom at Cecilia Junior High School.
"Everybody was cheering us to fight, like it was a show," said Credeur.
From the moment the incident began kids recorded it with their phones and later put it on Youtube.
School officials saw the video and suspended Credeur and the other boy yesterday.
Jonothan's father, Zach Credeur says it's unfair that his son and the other kid were punished when there were several other students involved.
"I think it's unfair that the other kids who were recording this didn't get suspended, they're part of this too," said Zach Credeur.
St. Martin Parish Superintendent, Richard Lavern says this incident is still being investigated, but he disputes the father's claim that his son was being bullied.
"The principal investigated the incident and says the fight was planned," said Lavern.




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