Jun 15, 2012 6:24 PM by Jenise Fernandez

Paranormal investigators searching for spirits in Crowley

Paranormal investigators will spend tomorrow night at Crowley City Hall and the historic Rice Theater, searching for spirits. Crowley tourism director Charlotte Jeffers hasn't seen ghosts lurking around city hall, but stories she's heard make her believe she's not alone. She remembers late one night when two employees were working upstairs.

"The freight elevator went down and then back up and it doesn't work like that you have to push the button downstairs and they were the only two in the building and the doors were locked," said Jeffers.

"I've seen shadow people and I've heard voices," said Elissa Lehnardt with Louisiana Spirits.

Paranormal investigator Elissa Lehnardt travels the state collecting evidence of hauntings. Crowley City Hall and the Rice Theatre don't have reputations of being haunted, but that doesn't mean there aren't any ghosts.

"They are places that are really old and have a lot of history. Theatres in general have a lot of emotion," said Lehnardt.

Louisiana Spirits investigators use infrared cameras and digital recordings to collect evidence, but don't expect to see anything out of a horror film. Most ghosts are friendly.

"Very few times we ever get something horrifying, something really mean or nasty," said Lehnardt.

"I hope we do find something or hear something because I think it would be a great attraction," said Jeffers.

The Rice Theatre opened its doors in 1941 with the premiere of "This Thing Called Love." Crowley City Hall was built in 1920. It was first a Model "T" dealership and then a recording studio. Other places in downtown Crowley that are said to be haunted are the Opera House and the Egan Hotel.



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