Mar 7, 2013 7:37 AM by Kristen Holloway

Paper Checks Refunds are Back This Tax Season.

Paper checks refunds are back this tax season. Last year, The Department of Revenue introduced a pre-paid debit card option but there were a lot of complaints. The pre-paid card is a Chase Visa Debit Card, so if it's not used at Chase locations, the cardholder could face fees. It works just like a debit card, with cash back transactions and it can be used any bank affiliated with Visa. Also lawmakers passed a bill that prohibited the department from requiring people who don't use direct deposit to get their tax refunds on the pre-paid debit cards.
"It just saves tax papers money if people electronically file and chose direct deposit or The My LDR card," said Louisiana Tax Audit Manager Susan Oliver.
So this year, the department of revenue is trying to give taxpayers more options. If you file electronically, you have the choice of direct deposit, that debit card or a traditional paper check. Now if you don't file electronically, you don't have the option for direct deposit, your options are LDR refund card or paper check.
According to The Department of Revenue, the debit card option saved over a million dollars last year by stopping paper checks and issuing the LDR cards but again in response to complaints, the traditional paper check, is once again an option.


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