May 1, 2014 5:23 PM by Dave Fields

Owner: Arzy the Dog "shot in the head for no good reason at all"

"My dog was shot in the head for no good reason at all," says a 28-year-old visitor from Maine whose black, 14-month-old retriever was shot Monday by a Sulphur policeman in the parking lot of Sulphur's daily newspaper.

Brandon Carpenter tells KATC that he told the officer that his dog Arzy was not aggressive and would not bite, but seconds later Carpenter said his beloved dog was shot dead in the parking lot of the city's local newspaper.

Carpenter said that the newspaper's circulation manager witnessed the entire incident and that that his story corroborates his own. The matter is currently under internal investigation by the Sulphur Police Department (SPD) with the assistance of  Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office (CPSO) as an outside agency, sources within both SPD and CPSO tell KATC.

Carpenter told KATC that he and his 21-year-old friend Logan Laliberte were traveling by train to visit friends in Lake Charles and were sitting about 7 a.m. in the parking lot of the Southwest Daily News. Carpenter said that an officer had been called to the parking lot as the two friends had taken refuge in a parked truck as rain fell around them. Arzy, Carpenter said, was tied to a nearby fence.

Carpenter said he is extremely grateful to the paper's circulation manager, who told station KPLC that he takes issue with the story of the Sulphur policeman, who reportedly suggested that the dog bit him prior to shooting the dog. KPLC also reports that the eyewitness from the newspaper said he observed the officer playing with Arzi. According to KPLC, "the dog never growled or bared its teeth" and "never bit the officer."

Carpenter said that, in addition to watching his dog die, both he and Laliberte were arrested for tresspassing and later released.

In a KATC interview, Carpenter expressed outrage with the officer and vowed to take his story to national media "so everyone knows what this officer did."

Carpenter said that, although he's been to Louisiana about eight or nine times, his friend Laliberte is in Louisiana for the first time. Carpenter lamented the tragedy Laliberte had to experience during his initial visit to the state.

To demonstrate how docile his dog was, Carpenter said that he posted numerous pictures and videos of Arzi on a Facebook page entitled "Justice for Arzy". To link to these pictures and videos, click here.

Carpenter retold the story of how, winter before last, he and his girlfriend adopted and named Arzy. Carpenter said that he and his girlfriend could not agree about taking in a new puppy. He says he told his girlfriend that he'd take care of the dog and "he'll just be mine."

Carpenter said that his girlfriend fell in love with the dog at first sight and changed her tune.

"Brandon, he not yours. He's ours," Carpenter said she told him. Carpenter said that the couple eventually agreed the dog was "ours"--or "Arz" for short. From then on, "Arzy" was their dog, until Monday, that is.






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