Oct 19, 2012 4:09 PM by Rob Perillo

Orionid Meteor Shower This weekend

With clear skies in the forecast for Acadiana this weekend and a moon-less sky late at night, there will be an opportunity to catch a glimpse of a few Orionid meteors during the pre-dawn hours of Saturday and Sunday.

Although the Orionid Meteor Shower is generally not a spectacular event, there have been some nice sightings on the West Coast Wednesday night and in Acadiana Thursday evening.

Generally the meteors are faint and require a dark sky...meaning be out in the country, but the observations of the last two days have suggested a few more vivid meteors may be possible through this weekend.

Tips for viewing the shower this weekend include getting well away from city lights, be out late or early (prime-time viewing is from about 2-5am) and look toward the Orion Constellation which will be roughly overhead at the aforementioned times.

Orion can easily be spotted by the 3 stars in a row that make up Orion's belt.  The meteors generally radiate from near this constellation...thus the name Orionids.

Getting into a chaise lounge helps, so your neck is not strained, and let your eyes adjust to the night sky...a good ten minutes.  The best technique for spotting meteors is to let your peripheral vision catch the relax and don't forget the mosquito repellent!

If you are lucky you may see 10-15 meteors per hour this weekend.


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