Aug 21, 2014 6:47 PM by Valerie Ponseti

Operation Move It at UL

Today was move-in day for the freshman at UL. Freshmen and parents were hauling all of their college survival tools into the dorms.

Classes begin on Monday, and the freshman already were impressed with the school.

"It's kind of what I expected. Everyone's been really nice. The helpers helped out a lot. I wasn't expecting that, so that's been really nice," freshman Nicholas Blaise said of UL's move-in program.

"Operation Move It" is an event where volunteers from around campus help freshman get moved in, and filled in about the dorms and what to expect from college.

"Especially for the university, it's a great thing because when you come to school there's a lot of things you don't know about, and so if you get here and move in is such an easy thing. I think that's a very welcoming thing," volunteer Mychal Augustine said.

Parents said the volunteers, and campus staff, were going above and beyond to help out.

"Everybody came up to the truck to help, to see what you need. Including the security guards and the police, everyone's just been wonderful," mom Alana Berthelot said.

Parents also said that the friendly atmosphere and rich culture of Lafayette are making this bittersweet day, a little sweeter.

"This is a great place to leave him. I don't have any worries," Berthelot said.

"It's a perfect fit. We're super pumped up. I have to say that this is sure organized because I can compare," parent Tina Blaise said.


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