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Mar 11, 2014 6:10 PM by Kristen Halloway

OPD teaching gun safety after shooting death of 5 year old

In light of the shooting involving 5-year-old Jon'qualon Pitre, Opelousas Police are taking action at area schools.

Jon'qualon Pitre died in a Baton Rouge hospital after being shot on Feb. 27. The 5 year old was laid to rest this past weekend.

To prevent more incidents like this one, officers performed many educational demonstrations today, hoping to make students aware of the dangers involving guns.

In Louisiana, last year alone, 16 kids between the ages of 5 and 9 died by accidental gun fire. This year, Opelousas Police are working to change those numbers.

"This is just education, especially with these kids at their age and the fact that they are very impressionable. We want to make sure they get the right information," Police Chief Perry Gallow said. "Its important that kids understand exactly what happens when a gun is discharged."

Both Gallow and Northeast Elementary School Principal Daphne Guillory said the biggest message they want students to take away is that no gun should be treated as a fake gun.

"Everyday in the news, you hear that a child has gotten shot, so we want to make the children aware that guns are dangerous and they should not touch them," Guillory said.

"If you find a gun, you always treat it as the real gun and you always assume that every gun is loaded," said Gallow.

Officers will talk about gun safety at other schools over the next several weeks .


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