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Jan 20, 2013 10:48 PM by Erin Steuber

OPD Officer Speaks Out After His Arrest

"I love my job and I want to continue to serve the citizens of Opelousas," said Sgt. Kenneth Edwards. "I don't know that I can continue to do police work after these surgeries, but I hope I can."

An officer of the Opelousas Police Department is finding himself on the wrong side of the law. 51-year-old Edwards is facing charges of doctor shopping , drug distribution and bringing drugs into the jail after a State Police investigation.

Edwards, a 25 year veteran of the OPD, says his arrest Friday was a complete shock. But he says, he is not guilty of any of the charges being brought against him.

"On more than one occasion I've arrested people for distribution of narcotics," said Edwards. "I have way too much to lose, mainly my character."

Edwards is being charged with two counts of drug distribution, two counts of bringing drugs into the city jail and two counts of doctor shopping.

"It's going to various doctors to obtain the same type of medication that you are already being prescribed by another doctor. In this case it could be more than one doctor to do that," said State Trooper Stephen Hammons.

Edwards has been on sick leave since June as a result of severe injuries he sustained while making an arrest. He says that's when this incident allegedly occurred.

"I did go to the police department to sign my time sheet and sign my leave sheet, but that's the only time I went to the police department," said Edwards.

Edwards believes it is politically, and personally motivated, since rumors were circulating he may run against current police Chief Perry Gallow.

"Just to let him know, I never had any intention of running for Chief," said Edwards.

Chief Gallow was the one to turn Edwards in, he says it was hard enough to arrest one of his own, much less a friend.

"Sgt. Edwards was a very caring officer, a professional officer, my heart goes out to he and his family," said Gallow.

But now, Edwards says, "I would not call him a friend of mine ever again. I can forgive him for what he done, but I can't forget."

Edwards says no matter what happens, he is still proud to be an Opelousas Police Officer.

"I love my job and the city of Opelousas. I still want to try to make a difference in this city," said Edwards. "If I can save 10 out of a hundred, that's what I'm about, that's how I want to end my life of work."



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