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Online Customization Drives Golfballs.coms Rank among Golfs Top E-Retailers

LAFAYETTE, La. - A recent national survey conducted by the respected research firm Longitudes Group, LLC, ranks as one of the country's most popular e-retailers. "Of those surveyed, 14 percent identified as one of the websites where they purchase golf equipment, making them the seventh most popular overall and fourth among golf specialty e-retailers, " said Sara Killeen, president of Longitudes Group.
Tom Cox, president & CEO links the increased popularity of to the growing trend in customized products. began selling customized golf products online in 1998. Currently, two-thirds of its annual revenue comes from the sale of customized golf balls, apparel and accessories from leading brands like Titleist, Callaway, Nike, Bridgestone and TaylorMade among others.

"Our focus on customized products has been the key to driving customer loyalty and our rank on the Longitudes survey," Cox said. "Adding a photo, logo or other element of personalization to a product changes the nature of your relationship with your customer. It makes for a memorable experience. "

Cox compared the sale of customized products to starting a conversation. "It's like the difference between talking about the weather and talking about your family," he said. "One is easy, but completely impersonal. The other takes more effort, but is engaging and can lead to a friendship. " customers seem to agree. Of a thousand customers recently surveyed, 98% say they have or would recommend to a friend. "This is the first comprehensive assessment of online golf retailers that we've seen," Cox said.

Longitudes Group surveyed more than 1,300 golfers with established handicaps across the country and asked which online retailers they had purchased golf products from over the past year. Approximately 14 percent of that group identified as one of their purchase sites.

The survey gathered data on online purchase patterns of golfers and golf consumers, aiming to identify product categories purchased online and to determine the top online retailers favored by avid golfers.

The survey, which was also broken down by age and ability level based on handicap, found that 84 percent of respondents had purchased golf products online during the past year.

"Over a decade ago, we bet the future of the business on product customization," Cox concluded. "Since then we have continued to reinvest in equipment and technology that improves our production capability and our online customer experience. Our rank on the Longitudes survey validates our approach and tells me that we are making a lasting impression on customers. People remember doing business with"

Nine members of the staff will be traveling to Orlando, Fla., this week to take part in the 60th PGA Merchandise Show, where nearly 1,000 top golf companies and more than 40,000 golf industry professionals from around the world will be participating. More information on the company and the PGA Show is available online at

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Golf Internet Shopping Survey

Which online retailers have you purchased golf product from?

Rank Company Site % Responses
1. 42%
2. 37%
3. (The Golf Warehouse) 31%
4. 24%
5. 21%
6. 20%
7. 14%
8. 11%
9. 9%
10. 7%
11. 6%
12. 3%
Other 24%
* Multiple answers were allowed





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