Oct 16, 2012 8:11 PM by Erin Steuber

Ongoing federal lawsuit against LPD, LCG not dismissed entirely

High ranking officers from the Lafayette Police Department and Consolidated Government, being sued by 15 former, and current, LPD officers were back in federal court. As you recall, the officers are suing the department and LCG alleging corruption, racial discrimination and physical threats. In court, both sides discussed why the case should,or should not, be dismissed.

The judge is recommending the case is not dismissed in its entirety. Magistrate Judge Patrick Hanna will be writing a recommendation that some of the officers' claims are dismissed, some of them continue to discovery and some of the defendants in the case be dismissed as well, most notably Parish-President Joey Durel.

"We consider that a victory today, especially because the defendants' wanted the whole thing dismissed," said one of the officer's attorney Royal Alexander.

Judge Hanna categorized some of the officers' complaints as "A big bowl of spaghetti being thrown at the wall. Some of its going to stick, some of its going to fall off." Attorney Michael Corey, who represents LPD Chief Jim Craft and LCG, stated in court he agreed with the judge's ruling, that some officers' claims should play out in court. Corey would not comment on camera.

"A number of the issues raised by the defendants will be mute once we get into discovery and start clarifying some of these issues," another attorney for the officer's Chris Alexander. "We're going to want to know who, what, when, where and how for everything these guys did while acting under the color of the law. Things that we believe detrimentally affected our plantiffs."

Judge Hanna also decided to stirke a number of the officers' allegations, citing their alleged scandalous nature. Hanna says there's no reason to describe the LPD as "fundamentally rotten to the core."

"We have probably 300-350 numbered paragraphs and we feel that we've successfully stated our allegations in all of the remaining paragraphs," said Royal.

Once again no final decision has been made. Judge Hanna only writing a recommendation. A final decision will be made by District Judge Richard Haik.


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