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Sep 24, 2012 10:56 PM by Steven Albritton

One Family's Dream Pushed Back Due to Hurricane Rita

The Delcambre Crab House was on the verge of opening its doors to the public when Hurricane Rita came ashore.

"It was very devastating at first. We were just about ready to open this little business around the first of the year, and Rita struck about three months before that," Crab House Owner Gary Loumbas said.

Loumbas and his wife had to hold off from opening the store for five years. Other things took precedent over the dream of running their business.

"You have other priorities, your home, your rental properties. Crawfish ponds with all type of farming equipment in there."

The crab house lost not only the opportunity to open the store but a lot of the equipment inside. They were faced with at least five feet of water inside the building. Now Loumbas is hoping someone will step up and make sure flood waters like this stay out of Delcambre.

"We're seven years since hurricane Rita and I don't think anything has been done out there to really give us any kind of protection that we need over here from rising waters."

As for the future, Loumbas and his wife plan on staying right here in Delcambre serving seafood to the community.

"You just got to roll with the punches. Things happen and it sets you back but it can't take your soul. You just keep on fighting and do what you got to do."


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