Jun 4, 2010 11:29 AM by Letitia Walker

Oil Spill: A Cajun Montage

Sugar seasons the black land

Salt furnishes the island mine

Tabasco feeds its jungle garden

Fate marks the timely find


Spain adds its foreign name

French mixes the rambunctious flavors

A bayou named Teche

Anchors Evangeline’s live cover


Oil lubricates the viscous underground

Swamps disperse the sinking towns

Gators and rats chase the boy

The man turns the favor around


Oysters and shrimp enhance a nation

Red fish blackens its stomach’s soul

Flat boats fly on borrowed air

An ancient culture defines its role


And as hurricanes and oil spills

Simmer in one boiling pot

The Cajun Cookbook is rewritten:

Just a few added recipes

To strengthen a people.


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