Jun 15, 2010 7:04 PM by Kate Mundy

Oil Rally at the State Capitol Bashes BP

In Baton Rouge Tuesday, angry protestors demanded a stop to the use of chemicals in the Gulf. "The federal government has failed us," screamed Christian Roselund of the organization "Murdered Gulf."

Roselund spoke into a red bull horn, spreading his message with signs to reenforce it. The signs read: "Dispense With the Dispersant," "The Solvent Won't Solve it," and "Why is the Criminal Still in Charge of the Crime Scene?"

The group of environmentalists, shrimpers and angry residents chanted, "make Corexit go away." They're demanding the government end BP's use of the dispersant they call toxic.

"BP is using these dispersants to hide the effects of what they've done," said Roselund. Many say the dispersants are poisoning our waterways and the people working to cleanup the mess. "They're getting poisoned, they're being poisoned," said Clifford Joseph Troxler of the Southern Louisiana Shrimp Alliance.

They also want proper safety equipment, training and oversight for all BP oil cleanup workers, many too afraid to speak up for themselves. They say, Mr. George we're getting sick out there, they won't let us, but don't use my name, don't tell them I told you because I gotta keep my job," explained George Barisich of the United Commercial Fishermen Association.

Some protesters wore respirators and medical masks and spoke about their frustrations. "It still seems like we aren't doing very much," said Sean Cain. "It's almost like a sense of helplessness," said Roger Ivens. Ivens have started a group that monitors the cleanup and reports oiled wildlife on the waterways.

The protestors hope that by rallying at the capitol, state lawmakers will spread their message to a federal level.


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