Aug 30, 2010 6:46 PM by Veronica White

Oil & Gas Expands Overseas

The drilling moratorium is causing some companies to look elsewhere for opportunities.

Two rigs have already moved out of the Gulf of Mexico and are relocating to drill in Brazil.

Now the company NLV International is recruiting for Brazil and its national oil company, Petrobras.

"The challenge is to think out of the box and go where the markets are but keep local employment as stable and growing as possible," says NLV President Jon Vague.

Local companies in the energy industry learned about the job opportunities Monday at meetings in Lafayette and Lake Charles.

"My goal after today is to get Louisiana companies more interested in opportunities overseas-- particularly in the thriving Brazilian oil market-- and make them comfortable," says Vague.

Some of the locals that attended say expansion overseas may help their business.

One local, Bobby Cooper, says "Whether we have work in the Gulf or not, any company that has operations overseas, especially in the oil business, which is very nimble, we'd jump on that opportunity."



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