Jan 4, 2012 7:19 PM by Maddie Garrett

Officials Hit the Streets of Kaplan to End Arson Spree

For months, vacant or abandoned homes across Kaplan have been going up in flames. Police said the frequent house fires started in February 2010, since then nine homes have burned.

Police believe at least five of those are arson, many of them set within the last few months.

Now, state and local officials are taking a new approach to end the arson spree by hitting the streets of Kaplan.

"We're doing a little street canvas because of all the fires that have been occurring," said State Fire Marshal Keith Reed to one resident. "Seeing if anybody knows any information, seen anything, heard anything, new information?"

Reed went door-to-door Wednesday, asking anyone and everyone for information on the mysterious arsons.

"A lot of times people don't volunteer information unless they're asked, and that's what we're trying to do today," said Kaplan Police Chief Boyd Adams.

Kaplan Police and Fire Department are teaming up with the Fire Marshal, State Police, ATF and Lafayette Fire Investigators, all working to put an end to the fires.

"I think the people of the community want the problem solved because they're scared," said Kaplan Fire Chief Donald Meaux.

Both Meaux and Adams can only speculate as to why someone would set these fires. They said it's a serious problem that they're hoping to end soon.

"Whoever's doing this is a sick individual, plain and simple. You know, what other reason would you be setting somebody's property on fire? Sure it's abandoned homes, blighted properties, but someone owns them, and a lot of family values are stored in those homes," explained Adams.

Adams is asking anyone with information to contact the Kaplan Police Department at (337) 643-8600.



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