May 25, 2012 7:34 PM by Erin Steuber

Officer comes forward in case of LPD officers against LPD and LCG

At the advice of his attorney the officer has chosen not to reveal his identity, saying he is not afraid of the repercussion that could come from this case, but he says he is speaking out to protect other officers involved in the pending lawsuit. Saying:
"I can tell you I'm in a better position than these officers because i don't have to go inside that building. These officers have to go inside that same building, be taunted and be ridiculed by other fellow officer like I did."
The officer who came forward worked for the police department for 5 years. He says during those five years he was more afraid of his fellow officers and superiors than anyone on the street. He said:
"I did feel intimidated many times by my fellow officers because I didn't know if I went on a call something might happen to me. I always had to let officers go into a door first before I walked in. I always had to keep a recorder on me at all times. When an officer has to do this, the job is not fun anymore."
After a series of internal investigations of him, that the officer claims violated the Police Bill of Rights, they took away the job he loved. Before his termination the officer says the department questioned his ability to do his job. He was put through a series of psychiatric evaluations to determine if he was fit for duty. He alleges the department was "doctor shopping" when they were not getting the results they wanted. He provided KATC with a secretly recorded conversation between him and one of his psychiatrists. On the tape you can hear the doctor say he cleared the officer for duty.
"The city wanted a whole new altered sheet, which the psych doctor advised was just as legal as them scratching out and writing what they thought about the patient which was myself."
Pending the hearing on Tuesday, May 29 the officers will be protected from any retaliation within the department. KATC's Erin Steuber will be continuing to follow this story and will be covering the hearing on Tuesday.

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