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Oct 25, 2012 10:36 PM by Steven Albritton

October 31st Deadline for Broussard/LCG Animal Shelter Contract Extention

City Parish President Joey Durel has already made his mind up on whether or not to renew the animal shelter contract with the city of Broussard, but the vote will be up to the Lafayette City Council.

"I would have no intention of putting it on the agenda. My decision has been made based on the contract that both of us signed, which says the contract expires October 31st. And that either party, either one, as agreed to both sides could give a notice that we're not interested in renewing that contract," Durel said.

Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais recently sent a letter to Durel hoping to extend the contract. Broussard spokeswoman Amy Jones says Broussard's contract stands out from others in the parish.

"When their hasn't been any move to not renew the contracts of anyone else in the parish, it just doesn't really make sense," Jones said.

If the contract is not renewed by next Wednesday, Broussard will have to handle its own animal services which they say are prepared to do. Durel says the disagreement by Langlinais when this contract was first signed has led Broussard to this point

"It took him forever to agree to it. He fought us when we tried to do the contract and now he is begging to keep the contract," Durel said.



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