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May 27, 2011 8:04 PM by Maddie Garrett

Obscene Obama Message Visible from Sky, Google Earth

Someone in St. Landry Parish disapproves of President Obama, and they made it known in a very big way. The political message could not only be seen from the skies of Acadiana but has now made it to the infamy of the internet.

"I found it through Facebook, my buddy posted it so I went to take a look and I zoomed out and there I saw it, it's crazy," said Mat LaFleur.

LaFleur wasn't the first person to stumble upon the Google Earth image of a field in St. Landry Parish. The coordinates point to a giant obscene phrase mowed into an empty field. It's visible from 5,000 feet in the air by passing planes and Google's satellites. The image has since been floating around on Facebook and internet blog sites.

"It's kind of sad but to be honest it's not a big surprise that somebody would do that," said LaFleur.

The property owners said they don't know who did the deed, or how they got access to the field. However they declined an interview, only saying the field is now overgrown.

But UL Government Professor Dr. Ryan Teten said the owners and Google may not be out of the woods just yet.

"The "F" word by itself, if it can be viewed, even if it's by a plane, that's obscene and could be brought up on charges," explained Teten.

Teten said the Google images are proof enough for obscenity charges, even if the phrase is no longer visible from the air.

"And so it may be in Google's interest just to simply get another snap shot or with that x'd out. Or they could be accused of having issues," said Teten.

Some people might view the vulgar message simply as a prank.

"This is kind of silly, kind of rebel stuff I guess you could say. I mean it's wrong they shouldn't have done that but it's comical I guess," said LaFleur.

But the very existence of the images could have much more serious consequences.

"There's always been different ways to show political discontent. It's just you've taken it beyond "I disapprove of what the President is doing," into something if my kids saw it, it is inappropriate," said Teten.



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