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Jun 21, 2012 6:19 PM by Erin Steuber

NY school bus monitor relentlessly bullied by students

Bullies are everywhere. But it's hard to imagine children bullying an adult until they cry. But that is exactly what happened to a bus monitor who was relentlessly taunted by a group of teenagers. Every cruel moment caught on tape, and posted online.
The video has gone viral. People are responding on YouTube calling the video vile, cruel and just plain wrong. New York school bus monitor, Karen Klein, sits alone as middle school students verbally abuse her, to the point of tears.
Student in video: " Look at all this flab right here."
"I tried to ignore it," said Klein. "I didn't hear some stuff and tried to shut them out."
But the jabs against the 68 year-old grandmother only get worse.
Student in the video: "Dude put the glasses back on, I can't stand looking at your face."
At one point she plays into the students cruel comments about her sweating.
Video: Klein; "I'm crying..." Student: "You're crying all over your face? Dumb ass... you're crying right here, over your glasses?" Klein: "I'm crying all over." Student: "She probably misses her box of Twinkies."
Luis Recio, Jr. recorded that cell phone video, he says he was pressured to do it. Now he's apologizing.
"I feel bad about how, like, they were making fun of her and everything," said Recio.
But Robert Helms admits his 13 year-old son is one of the bullies, and after his name and address were posted online, Robert says his family has been getting death threats.
"My heart broke. I couldn't believe that my son could treat another human being like that."
The school says the students involved will be disciplined.
An outpour of support from generous strangers has raised enough money to send Klein on the vacation of a lifetime. Their goal, $5,000, but the fund has swelled to nearly $350,000.

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