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Jul 6, 2011 7:14 PM by Melissa Hawkes

No More Trailer Parks in Scott?

City officials in Scott are considering placing a moratorium on any new trailer park being developed within city limits. The idea sparked after council members voted against a new 120 lot park.
Scott resident, Tiffani Pellegrin, said "I lived in trailer parks. My husband lived in trailer parks and we've had nothing but bad experiences. So, we moved in here three and half years ago hoping there wasn't going to be a trailer park."
Pellegrin feared her property value would go down if a trailer park was built next to her neighborhood. It's a thought many of her neighbors shared.
Resident, Shawn Wright, said "we already have enough trailer parks and I don't think we need anymore. If we need to build anything, it needs to be houses and small business and whatever else can build up Scott."
There are about 10 trailer parks in Scott. Mayor Purvis Morrision said the communities outrage made him stop and think about whether the city needs anymore.
"We have some trailer park owners that are very diligent with taking care of their parks, but then you go to some and they are not," he explained.
He's proposing a temporary moratorium, which will put a halt to any new parks being built.
Morrison said, "we want to make sure we are putting things in the right places,"
The temporary moratorium which could last up to 18 months, which Morrison said will give officials time to figure out whether trailer parks fit into his long term plan for the city.


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