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Dec 5, 2011 7:32 PM by Melissa Hawkes

No More Next Day First Class Mail Delivery

Next-day first class mail delivery will soon be a thing of the past. The US Postal Service announced first-class mail delivery will soon slow down in an attempt to cut costs.

Lafayette resident, Doris Prudomme, said "I have an income tax business, so I mail a lot of income tax papers which is very important and has to be sent first class."

Prudomme makes a trip to the post office several times a week making sure her clients get their income tax papers on time. She said knowing her mail won't get there the next day will change the way she does business.

"It'll delay things by several days," she said. "Which means I'll have to get things out quicker."

It's not just documents that will be delayed, it could slow down everything from Netflix payments to mail-order prescription drugs. People who procrastinate to send off their bills are likely to be the ones most affected.

Lafayette resident, Rita McDaniel said, "I pay mine ahead of time. I would think that people who have to wait til the first and fifteenth-it might affect them."

Post Master General Patrick Donahoe said. "the American public pays bills on line, more than 50 percent do it today. We can't sit back and wait for another 5, 6, or 10 years before we make these changes."

The slow down is part of a major plan to revamp the USPS in an effort to save 3 billion dollars, which includes stopping Saturday delivery and closing half the processing centers. Residents agree the change is just a sign of the times.

Evian Sanks said, "the majority of mail, I pretty much do over the internet. I rarely use the post office anyway, unless it's prescriptions or this time during the holiday season."

Prudomme added, "I'm sure everyone will get used to it eventually- it'll just take a little longer."

So far this isn't a clear date about when the next day first-class service will stop. Post office officials said it'll be sometime in the spring.



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