St. Landry

Oct 4, 2012 10:07 PM by Steven Albritton

No Date Set for St. Landry Superintendent Vote

The extortion allegations against John Miller and Quincy Richard will hold up the vote for the St. Landry Parish Superintendent position. The news of allegations last week forced the board to postpone any vote for the near future.

Miller and Richard allegedly tried to extort five thousand dollars each from Interim Superintendent Joseph Cassimere, in return for their votes. Reports say Cassimere turned them in.

School Board President Kyle Boss says they will wait for the entire legal process to play out before moving forward with a vote.

Not only that, but since the board is down one member, the November election to fill that seat could cause the board to re-interview or re-advertise the position to allow the new member to have a say, thus possibly pushing the vote back even more.

Four of the five interviewees were in the building for the meeting. Dr. Charles Michel was hoping for a decision on a vote but will have to wait.

The board members chose not to comment on the extortion allegations against Miller and Richard.



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