Sep 29, 2012 12:06 AM by Alex Labat

NISH Graduate Gunned Down: Football Player's Family is Looking for Answers

Derek Olivier graudated from New Iberia with the hopes of playing college football. He chose Arkansas Baptist College so that he could be closer to his family. That same family is now greiving after Derek was gunned down Thursday evening, as he was helping a teammate change a tire.

His mother Alma recounted how helping Derek was, saying, "He would help anybody. He and his brother were tight. He was happy to go to college, but that's why he got the dog for us for when he went away to college. He loved his brother...he'd call and text him at any time".

His family has been torn apart by the horrible news. Making things even harder to bear...Derek would have been twenty years-old tomorrow.

His father Joe says Derek never asked for much for his birthday, "We never put more than 20 dollars in his card. He never asked for much money. I was going to give him 100 dollars. He just had his hair cut yesterday."

Derek called his father to check on the score of the New Iberia Senior High football game, just fifteen minutes before that fateful event. Now, his family awaits his final return home, and for answers as to why this happened to Derek.



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