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Dec 27, 2010 6:46 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

New York Times Piece, A Must Read: Deep Water Horizon's Final Hours

A New York Times article sheds new light on the Deep Water Horizon explosion. The online story includes videos, photographs and interviews with rig workers. For the first time, we get a real sense of the timeline-- what went wrong and what was the response on the rig.

"It all happened so fast, to tell you the truth all i was thinking about was my wife and kids--"

A collaboration of voices from the Deep Water Horizon. Graphics that take you from deck to deck. The New York Times has put together an insightful and comprehensive story about the April 20th disaster.

"It was called the well from hell, BP and transocean were behind schedule and needed to finish in a hurry," a video element of the story describes.

The Times reports that investigators believe trouble started at 8:50 PM that night. Mud was being pumped out of the well, a round of tests had just wrapped.  At 9:38 well data shows the blow out preventer was failing, mud and oil were gushing, spraying everywhere. At 9:47, the first in a series of massive explosions.

"I thought, oh god this is it for me, there was fire everywhere," a rig worker tells the Times.

Between 9:38 and 9:47-- very few people on the platform knew what was happening.  And what happened during those nine minutes-- the facts of the article suggest inexperience and panic were the main ingredients. Workers forgetting or ignoring emergency protocol, scrambling for lifeboats, some making the 60 foot jump off the rig.

There are details about some of the heroes and the victims in the disaster. The article is both suspensful and heartbreaking and it is free online at www.NYTIMES.com



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