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Nov 12, 2012 10:40 PM by Steven Albritton

New St. Landry Parish School Board Member Elected, Superintendent Vote To Come Next

The last time we spoke with Randy Wagley he was going door to door campaigning to be elected to the St.Landry Parish School Board. The race went to a run off between Wagley and Armand Castille, but after Castille decided to drop out, Wagley is the winner.

"It was kind of surprising. I actually got a phone call from Mr. Castille, and he said look I'm going to hang it up. I'm tired and I think you'll do OK," Wagley said.

Now Wagley has turned his attention to matters with the board. He plans on attacking the deficit and also pushing for more pre-kindergarten services.

"Obviously, the first big thing we'll do is select a superintendent," Wagley said.

School Board President Kyle Boss isn't quite sure of a timetable for voting.

"I'll get with the board members we're already in November, we'll decide if we need to call a special meeting or if we're going to decide until after the first of the year," he said.

In the meantime, Joseph Cassimere will remain the interim superintendent, and even as one vacant seat on the board is now filled, there could be others to come. Current board members Quincy Richard and John Miller will be arraigned in Federal Court on Thursday. They're accused of trying to sell Cassimere their votes for superintendent.



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