Feb 1, 2013 6:10 PM by Chris Welty

New Program at N.P. Moss Prep helps troubled kids

Lafayette Parish has a new program to help troubled kids in school.

Today is the first day AMI Kids is officially part of the N.P. Moss Prepatory Academy Campus.
The school is at the old N.P. Moss Annex. 162 students attend the Prepatory Academy. They also provide learning centers for about 450 students. AMI Kids is helping out with about 30 students who for some reason have been kicked out of their school.

A school with a traditionally bad rap is looking to change their reputation and they're hoping AMI Kids will help students succeed.

"Many resources, many programs, many opportunities for students to learn what they need to be successful all on one campus," said Jody Duhon, N.P. Moss Prep Principal.

Typically AMI Kids works with kids in poverty and those who are behavior problems in their zoned school.

"The kids we're working with are challenged in that regards as far as being able to receive and take advantage of that education," said AMI Kids Regional Director Greg Kleinpeter.
AMI Kids plans to set individual goals for the 30 students they work with. They'll also work with parents getting them more involved, even making visits to the student's homes.

"At the end of the day, it is a bonded relationship where kids wind up bonding with a caring adult and that will be the key to make everything work," said Kleinpeter.

Students usually are in the AMI program for six to eight months. Officials say some students catch on in three and are actually re-admitted to their zoned school

"Every kid that's born is born to be a champion. We have challenges in our life that we all have to overcome," said Kleinpeter.

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