Feb 3, 2010 7:08 PM by Jon Carrere

New Grade "Standards" For High School Athletes To Play

New grade standards are causing Breaux Bridge High head football coach Michael Mowad to scratch his head.

"Depending on the school board or the school itself,what is a C," asked Coach Mowad.

Many school boards still consider a 1.5 a C.

So what exactly did the Louisiana High School Athletic Association change?

Coach Mowad says they need to reassess.

"It's either going to be a percentage grade or it's going to be a letter grade or it's going to be some type of rating or formula to determine what is a true c."

He does agree with one change the LHSAA made.

He likes that students will be required to pass six classes instead of five in order to play.

He says, "the big thing was 5 x 4=20.  5 x 4 which is the four years they're in high school, well that wasn't even enough for students to graduate."

It's also not enough to be eligible to play division 1 college ball.

Treyvias Alexander knows this first hand.

After not performing well enough in the classroom, he's spent the last two years at a junior college earning eligibility.

"Football is just a second thing to me.  Now it's about going to school and becoming somebody," says Alexander.

Some school systems don't use the traditional "grade point" scale.

For instance, Lafayette Parish uses a percentage scale.

In lafayette student athletes have to make between a 74 and 82 to qualify for a C.

In Iberia and St. Martin they work on a G.P.A. scale.

In order to get a C you can earn as low as 1.5 G.P.A.

The 1.5 was the LHSAA minimum from before they changed to the "new rule".

In these and other parishes nothing has changed.


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