Nov 7, 2013 7:16 PM by Letitia Walker

New drug charges filed today against Seth Fontenot

Just days before his first degree murder trial is set to begin, two new charges have been filed against Seth Fontenot.
Fontenot's trial following the shooting death of 15-year-old Austin Rivault is scheduled for November 12th. He's also accused of attempted first degree murder of two other teenagers who were injured while riding in the truck at the time the shots were fired.
The two new charges filed today are for "distribution of schedule II narcotics" on 10/18/12 and 12/6/12. His arraignment on these charges is set for December 17, 2013.

In a report filed by UL Police, officers were requested by the district attorney's office to contact students who allegedly bought prescription drugs from Fontenot. Police were reportedly told information on Fontenot's phone suggested he was selling drugs to UL students. UL Police interviewed two students who allegedly admitted to buying either a Vyvanse or Adderall from Fontenot, on one or two occasions.

Prosecutors had filed a motion to introduce this evidence at the murder trial, as well as an allegation he took other students' tests for money. However, the defense objected saying to call Fontenot a drug dealer was "so irrational and extreme that it borders on liable". Defense attorney Thomas Guilbeau says the only two witnesses, who were also close friends of Fontenot, were the only evidence witnesses police had. He also says both of the men told him they weren't read their Miranda rights, so their statements couldn't be used. As for the allegation he was paid to take tests, Guilbeau says Fontenot is in good standing with the university and is taking honors courses.

According to police documents, Fontenot wanted "to only scare the victims, not to inflict bodily harm and/or death" the night the teenagers were shot. That statement, along with others allegedly made to police, will be admissible according to a ruling filed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeal today.
Fontenot's attorney claims his client's statements to police shouldn't be used because Fontenot didn't know he was a suspect at the time. Fontenot was allegedly told halfway through questioning that someone had died.


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