Aug 13, 2012 7:13 PM by Erin Steuber

New documents give insight into what happened to Lavergne's truck

Newly released documents out of Texas paint a sharper picture of what happened to Brandon Scott Lavergne's truck in May. After several public records requests we've obtained copies of reports from Montgomery County, Texas, where Lavergne said his truck was stolen and from San Jacinto County, where deputies found his burned Silverado.
As you recall, Lavergne is being held at Lafayette Parish Correctional Center in connection with the 1999 murder of Lisa Pate and the murder of Mickey Shunick.
Lavergne claims his truck, a white Chevy Silverado, was last seen parked in front of his sister's house in Conroe, TX. He says, on May 30th, right before going to bed around 10, it was still there.
In the report filed on May 31st, Lavergne claims when he went to his truck at 6:30 that morning to get his shaving kit, the truck was gone. Also in the truck, his red tool box. The estimated value of the tool box and truck was $34,000.
The same morning Lavergne filed that theft report, his truck was found burned in San Jacinto County, specifically Shepherd, TX. Sheriff's officers in San Jacinto County say they got the call about the burned truck around 4:00 that morning.
It is 35 miles from Conroe to Shepherd, TX where the truck was found. It takes about 50 minutes to drive that distance. Prosecutors have said in court filings they believe Lavergne intentionally set his 2011 Silverado on fire, then purchased a new one in Lafayette on June 4. If this was is the case, police are still not indicating how they believe Lavergne got from Shepherd to Conroe to report the vehicle missing.

Link to San Jacinto Report

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