Aug 21, 2014 11:53 PM by Alex Labat

New Details Surrounding Death of Handcuffed Man

His death was ruled a suicide, but all along Victor White III's family has had questions, now more than ever, after a report from the coroner's office.

State Police are handling the investigation. Back in March, troopers said White had somehow shot himself in the back after being arrested by Iberia Parish Deputies. But the coroner's report indicates something else.

The coroner's report still rules White's death a suicide, but where he was shot conflicts with what troopers told us and his family back in March.

The report indicates White was shot in his right chest, in the front and on the side, with a trajectory slightly front to back. But that's not what his father, Victor White, Senior, says he was told five months ago.

"I feel mistrust and anger at the fact that you're saying one thing at one point, and now you're coming back to switch it. So it makes it disturbing," says Victor White, Senior, the victim's father

The White family says this report just fuels the fire of their frustrations, like not having a reasonable explanation as to how White could shoot himself while handcuffed, even after being searched.

"I believe there was something wrong in the beginning. I can't say what, because the facts aren't there. And I don't know because my son is not here to speak on his own behalf," says White, Sr.

The family's lawyer says they are rejecting the coroner's report, and will pursue legal action to try to get some answers as to what happened to their loved one.

"He deserves it. My son deserves that his story be told. It's his story, and it's very difficult to tell it because he can't be here to tell us exactly what happened," says White, Sr.

The family is also trying to get a second, private autopsy. We also reached out State Police. They admit they thought the bullet entered through White's back, but handed their information over to the coroner who makes the official ruling. Troopers saying the case is still under investigation.



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