Jun 21, 2011 5:52 AM by Jenise Fernandez

New Bill Will Remove Taxes on Breastfeeding Items

Sharon and Patrick Dayton just welcomed their second child, Owen, on Father's Day. As cute as this little bundle of joy is, children are heavy on the pocket book.

"It's expensive having a child, anywhere you can cut costs that's just more money for you and your family," said Sharon.

Senate bill number 82 hopes to help with the costs that come with caring for a newborn. The bill would get rid of state sales tax on breastfeeding items and accessories.Even though Owen is the Dayton's second child.... They can't recycle everything.

"Things have to be replaced especially if the time between the children is long you have to buy fresh stuff for the new baby," said Sharon.

KATC wanted to see how much a new mother spends to breast feed. Lafayette General Hospital helped, putting together the most commonly used items--- like breast pumps, nursing bra, nursing pads, blanket, and pillow.

When added up with tax, it came out to $455, without tax, it added up to $420. That's $33 a mother could be saving and that money could be used to buy almost two bags of diapers.

"It may not seem like much, but everything adds up. Especially with a newborn you go through so many diapers a case," said Patrick.

Registered Nurse Stacy Duhon hopes this bill will also encourage more mothers to breast feed.

"There's a passive immunity for at least 3 months. Babies grow faster with breast milk and for moms it can reduce her risk of cancer and get her body back in shape again," said Duhon.






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