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May 18, 2011 7:09 PM by Melissa Hawkes

National Guardsmen Continue Work in Krotz Springs

The water hasn't made it's way into the town of Krotz Springs yet, but officials are thinking it could be any day. National guardsmen working twenty-four seven and helicopters are constantly flying overhead. Officials are keeping a close watch for the first sign of rising water.
Parish President, Don Menard, said he thinks water will get to the town by this weekend.
Many of these national guardsmen are using sand bags and Hesco baskets to build a two mile levee.
Sargent Adam Tucker with the Louisiana National Guard, said "we are trying to stop the flood water coming in from the back woods. It's basically building a temporary dam."
Most of the levee has been completed, but within the next few days, a few roads in town will be closed down. At that time, guardsmen will continue to work on the levee to connect it to the natural levee.
The new levee passes right through nine year old Harlie Nall's backyard. She says all the action has been kind of fun.
She said, "I got to ride in a Humvee out to my camp, and I've been watching them build the levee."




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