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Dec 6, 2012 7:26 PM by Kristen Holloway

National Guardsman Honored with the Purple Heart

A 19-year-old National Guardsman in St. Landry Parish is honored with the Purple Heart. Christopher Delaney, of Grand Coteau, received it Monday.
"It blew the truck into three pieces, it was just a flash of light and an hour and half later I woke up in the hospital, I thought I was dead to be honest," Delaney.
Christopher Delaney was conducting a convoy operation on June 27, 2012 when he was struck by 300 pounds of explosives. He lost consciousness for 3 hours, suffered a severe concussion and traumatic brain injuries.
"It's crazy anything could happen at any day, at any time and I was not expecting 300 pounds of explosives to go off on my truck that day, that was definitely a big surprise," said Delaney.
The Purple Heart, the oldest American Decoration awarded to members of the military wounded or killed in action. Delaney says he feels lucky to be alive. When the family got word he was injured, they were extremely worried.
"You don't really realize what they go through, its like wow what a blessing that he came back to us in one piece," said his mom Vickie Delaney.
His mom and sister Lauren say the ceremony was very emotional for the entire family but he's a survivor, he gets through anything and they knew he would be okay.
"Whenever I do have my down days, momma says all I have to do is think of him and that pushes me. He's my main motivation in life. He's my hero," said Lauren.
Delaney plans to go back overseas and accomplish much more in his career. He says this is only the beginning for him.


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