Mar 3, 2011 7:40 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Nation's Largest Flood Gates in New Orleans

 The nation's largest floodgates are about to be placed in waters south of New Orleans. Officials from the Army Corps of Engineers promised a 100 year storm protection plan would be up by this June.
The two flood gates weigh more than fifteen hundred tons. It is just one part of the billion dollar project to ensure New Orleans has the world's best line of defense against future hurricanes.
Rene Poche, a spokesperson for the Army Corp of Engineers, said "this is a risk prevention system, we can't provide full protection."
The project has been in the works since August of 2009. Randy Berard's Company, Berard Transportation, got involved about a year ago.
His company is providing the transportation to get the gates to where they need to go. The gates were constructed in Houston, his company's trailers were responsible for getting them to Louisiana.
It took three trailers to move each 750 ton gate.
Berard said, "they actually lifted up the gates one at a time from the water front area and transported onto an ocean front barge."
He says installing them in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway this next week will be the tricky part.
" We have to actually maneuver it just a few inches one way or other to line up with this massive pin that this gate will be pivoted on," he explained.
Work will begin Sunday to place the gates in the waterway. It's just the first phase. Eventually the gates will tie into the world's largest pumping station and will connect with 25 miles of levees and sea walls.




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