Nov 5, 2013 2:23 PM by Dwayne Fatherree, KATC TV-3

Multiple issues to reappear before LCG council tonight

The phrase "Everything old is new again" could be the theme for tonight's LCG council meeting, where several issues pop up for discussion, including the transfer of Foster Park, a ban on recreational trailers as residences, and a revised ordinance on how the government will deal with junked cars.

The re-introduction of an ordinance to transfer the lease for Foster Park from LCG to the city of Youngsville is already drawing attention, being taken out of the "in globo" introductions for its own discussion.

According to the proposed ordinance, Youngsville would assume the liability and cost of maintaining the park. In addition, the ordinance requires Youngsville to maintain the part of all of the land as a park until the lease expires in 2025. The ordinance also requires Youngsville to allow the Broussard/Youngsville Youth Association to use the park.

The introductory approval is given, the council will vote on final adoption on November 19.

A vote on the same basic ordinance was taken earlier this month, but failed.  Youngsville Mayor Wilson Viator said he would try again because some of the land is needed for playground and parking space when Green T. Lindon Elementary School expands.

The council is also scheduled to introduce a revised "junked vehicle" ordinance crafted to address previous legal challenges. The city-parish government was forced into a $70,000 settlement in one instance with a man who fought the city's seizure of vehicles on his property.

A third item, involving a proposed ban on the use of recreational trailers as residences in Lafayette Parish, is coming back because LCG City-Parish President Joey Durel vetoed as overly broad in its definition of what constitutes a recreational trailer. By law, the ordinance is required to have a rehearing at the first council meeting after a veto is used.

According his published explanation for the veto, Durel says agrees with the general idea of the ordinance, which is to prevent people from using temporary FEMA trailers or recreational trailers not meant for use a long-term residences as permanent housing. But the ordinance as passed does not make allowances for many other uses for the trailers, including on-site housing for oil workers, recreational vehicles kept near residences and other trailers used in properly licensed and maintained parks.

The LCG council will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the Lafayette City-Parish Council auditorium, 705 W. University Ave. in Lafayette.




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