May 7, 2013 7:11 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Moving Oilfield Skids, Traffic Delays

It was hard to avoid or miss...Two massive oilfield skids had a police escort on Tuesday as they made their way throughout Lafayette parish. Their final destination ...Venezuela, South America.

The moving process took six hours, and created enormous traffic delays.

"At first I thought it was huge, I didn't know what it was," Carencro resident Jerry Duhon said.

"I just saw like, big tanks and I never saw these before. It was just like something incredible just passing by," Edna Netro said.

Edna Netro is a bus driver for Lafayette Parish School District, and the traffic headache delayed her pick-ups.

"Yeah, I'm going to have some delays but everything is going to be ok," Netro said.

"We appreciate everybody's patience, we understand how frustrating it can be," Brett Berard said, who's Vice-President of Operations for Berard Transportation.

While it was a day of much needed patience, there are actually benefits to the lengthy moving process.

"This does provide a lot of jobs to the community, the people who built it designed it, and us that help ship it, so we appreciate everyone working with us," Berard said.

Due to the height of the load the entire moving process is expected to take several hours. But there's much more to do, once it gets to the Vermillion River, when the next part of the moving process begins.

"The toughest part is dealing with so many people involved. We have so many utilities, the Lafayette Police, the Lafayette Parish Office and the State Police, everybody has been working really well but it's just coordinating so many people, but so far it's going very well," Berard said.

The oilfield skids were put on a barge and will cruise down the Vermilion to New Orleans. From New Orleans they will be shipped to Venezuela.



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