Sep 14, 2012 12:02 PM by KATC

Mother starts anti-bullying campaign

17-year-old Skylar is a victim of bullying and her family is taking a stance.

A Gueydan mother has begun an anti-bullying campaign after seeing her daughter become a victim of bullying at her school.

Leslie Pharris developed a Facebook site called "Bullying Equals Coward." Pharris hopes this will help shed more light not only on her daughter's plight, but on the plight of all Acadiana students who are victims of bullying.

Skylar says she's been bullied for months at Gueydan High. She says students have threatened to hit her--- and popping their belts behind her back.

One of the things she's teased about is her open heart surgeries. Skylar's already had five and is set to undergo another.

"She's been through a lot. She goes to New Orleans for all of her surgeries. I had to take her out of school because I'm scared they're going to damage her heart. She can't handle the stress , her heart can't handle the stress anymore than it has," says Leslie Pharris.

Skylar says she has done everything she can to ignore the bullying and wants it to stop.

Skyler's mom did remove her from school because she says she wasn't sure her daughter's heart could take the stress.



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