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Aug 26, 2014 8:21 AM by Morgan City Police Department

Morgan City Daily Arrest Report for August 26, 2014

The following persons have been arrested by the Morgan City Police Department during the last reporting period beginning 08/25/2014:

James R. Wagner, 35 years of age, Address-Swan Dr. Houma, La. was arrested on 08/25/2014 @ 4:29am

Charges: Speeding 51mph/35mph zone; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of Schedule I CDS- Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute; Possession of Schedule II CDS-Amphetamine with the Intent to Distribute; Possession of Schedule IV CDS-Clonazepam with the Intent to Distribute; Possession of a Firearm in the Presence of a CDS; Possession of Schedule III CDS-Hydrocodone with the Intent to Distribute; Possession of Schedule IV CDS-Xanax with the Intent to Distribute; Transactions involving Proceeds from CDS Activity

James R. Wagner 08252014
James R. Wagner

A patrolling officer observed a speeding vehicle traveling on Highway 182 near Ditch Ave. The officer was able to determine that the vehicle was traveling 51mph in a 35mph zone and stopped the vehicle to speak with the driver. The driver, identified as James Wagner, when asked to retreive his identification and registration documents confirmed to officers that he possessed a .45 cal. handgun inside his vehicle. As officers retreived the weapon, officers observed items of suspected drug paraphernalia and a substance believed to be cocaine, a controlled substance scattered about the passenger seat. The substance was tested with a presumptive test was conducted which indicated a positive result. Officers secured the vehicle. During the subsequent investigation, officers located baggies, vacuum sealing materials and other items of paraphernalia. Officers also located suspected marijuana and several pills of various controlled substances such as Hydrocodone, Xanax, Clonazepam and Amphetamines. Evidence was uncovered which suggested that Wagner was involved in the sales of illegal narcotics. James Wagner admitted to officers that he had was indeed involved in the sales of narcotics, inlcuding various controlled substances which he stated he possessed prescriptions. Wagner was found to possess $2,573.00 in U.S. Currency which was seized pending civil forfeiture proceedings and believed to be derived from the sales of narcotics. James Wagner was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where he was booked and remains incarcerated.


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