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Morgan City Daily Arrest report

The following were arrested by the Morgan City Police Department during the last reporting period beginning 09/27/2013:

1. Heather Banda, 36 years of age, Address-7th St. Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/27/2013 @ 6:55pm

Charge: Disturbing the Peace by Fighting

Officers received a call in regards to a fight at the intersection of Everette Street and Fifth Street. Officers arrived and discovered that two females had been involved in a fistic encounter. One female was discovered to be female juvenile. Both the juvenile and the other subject involved, Heather Banda were arrested and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where Banda was booked and incarcerated. The juvenile was release to family members pending court proceedings.

2. Breyden John Oncale, 20 years of age, Address-Onstead Street Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/28/2013 @ 1:40pm

Charge: Careless Operation of a Moving Vehicle; Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated; Possession of Schedule I CDS-Synthetic Marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Officers received a call in regards to a vehicle being driven in a wreckless manner near Martin Luther King Blvd. Officers arrived in the area and observed the vehicle as described being driven in an erratic manner. Officers were able to conduct a stop and came into contact with the driver, Breyden Oncale, who exhibited the signs of being under the influence. Oncale was also found to be in possession of Synthetic Marijuana and a pipe used to smoke illegal narcotics. The subject Oncale, was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where he was given a standardized field sobriety test which he did poorly on. He submitted to an Intoxilyzer 5000 test which the results indicated that the subject was not impaired by alcoholic beverage. He was asked to submit to a urine sample. Oncale submitted to that test with results pending. He was booked and incarcerated.

3. James Anthony Jackson , 35 years of age, Address-Brashear Avenue Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/28/2013 @ 5:32pm

Charge: Theft by Shoplifing (Value $25.52)

An off duty police officer working security at a local supermarket observed a subject, James Jackson attempting to leave the store without paying for several bottles of wine. The subject, Jackson was detained, placed under arrest and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where he was booked and incarcerated.

4. Carol Gene Guidry, 64 years of age, Address-Aucoin Street Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/29/2013 @ 3:40pm

Charges: Criminal Mischief (Filing False Complaint)

Officers received a call from an anonymous subject alleging that a clerk at a local motel was using illegal drugs. Officers arrived to Investigate. During the investigation, the officers discovered that the complaint was unfounded and learned that a subject had been in disagreement with the front office clerk earlier that evening. Officers located that subject inside a motel room. After speaking with the subject, it was learned that the subject became upset at the clerk, then calling in the false complaint. He was arrested, cuffed and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where he was booked and incarcerated.

5. Teligia M. Busby, 47 years of age, Address-Freret St. Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/29/2013 @ 9:41pm

Charges: Criminal Mischief

Officers were dispatched to a residence in the area of 700 block of Fourth Street. Officers arrived and were advised that two subjects were observed entering into an abandoned house with a mattress. Officers went to the address and observed a male and female subject, lying in the living room of the residence nude. Officers detained the subjects and allowed them time to clothe themselves. While speaking with the subjects, the male subject fled from
the side door of the residence and was unable to be captured. The female subject, Teligia Busby was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Police Department where she was booked and incarcerated.

6. Juan Ramirez Torres Jr., 25 years of age, Address-Stacy Street Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/29/2013 @ 2:22hrs

Charges: Disturbing the Peace Intoxicated

Officers patrolling the area of Cottonwood Street and Sandra Street came into contact with an intoxicated subject, identified as Juan Torres Jr. Torres, who appeared highly intoxicated became belligerent towards officers and refused to lower his voice when asked. The subject who continued to cause a disturbance was arrested, cuffed and transported to the Morgan City Police Department for booking and incarceration.

7. Travis Lee Gilmore, 21 years of age, Address-Arlington St. Morgan City, Louisiana was arrested on 09/29/2013 @ 9:17pm

Charges: 3 Counts Resisting an Officer; 3 Counts Battery on an Officer; Careless Operation with Accident; No Drivers License on Person; Vehicle License Required Failure to Secure Registration; Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection; Unsafe Vehicle

A Morgan City Police Officer was dispatched to the area of the 600 block of First Street regarding a traffic accident. Officers arrived and began to investigate the accident.
The driver of one of the vehicles, identified as Travis Gilmore could not provide a drivers license, vehicle registration, or license plate to the vehicle involved in the accident.

The officer observed numerous violations regarding the subject's vehicle. The officer advised Gilmore that he was being placed under arrest for the violations observed and
attempted to handcuff Gilmore. Travis Gilmore, at that time became belligerent, attacking and grabbing the investigating officer. Gilmore, according to the officer, attempted to turn the officers weapon side towards him, putting the officer in further fear of great bodily injury. The responding officer was able to partially subdue Gimore enough to contact other officers for assistance. Other officers arrived and attempted to restrain Gilmore. Travis Gilmore was able to grab hold of another officers uniform and attempt to headbutt strike that officer.

Officers were able to subue the subject with the use of a Taser device. Officers attempted to place Gilmore in the rear of a unit at which time he kicked and spit at a third officer. He was transported to the Morgan City Police Department where he was placed into a holding cell due to his combative nature until he could be processed.

8. Kenneth Evans, 34 years of age, Address-Mike Drive Patterson, Louisiana was arrested on 09/30/2013 @ 12:48am

Charge: Warrant: Failure to Pay Fine No Driver License; Warrant: Failure to Pay Fine-No Insurance; Careless Operation; Failure to Report Accident; Operating a Vehicle with a Suspended Drivers License, Resisting an Officer

Officers were dispatched to the elevated portion of U.S. Highway 90 Bridge in regards to a vehicle which may have been involved in a crash with damage and smoke coming from the vehicle. Officers arrived and discovered a vehicle blocking the lane of travel, with damage and smoke emanating from the vehicle. Officers attempted to locate the driver. Kenneth Evans was located walking in the area with minor injuries. Evans at first denied operating the vehicle. It was learned that a St. Mary Parish deputy had passed the location and observed Evans behind the wheel of his vehicle prior to Morgan City Police Department
arriving on the scene. Evans was found to be operating a vehicle with a suspended drivers license. He was arrested and transported to the Morgan City Police Department. Once at the station, the subject became combative and struck an officer . He was additionally charged.

On 09/29/2013 @ 11:51pm, while assisting the St. Mary Parish with diverting traffic caused from a traffic crash on the Westbound lanes of U.S. Highway 90 bridge, a Rescue Fire Truck owned by the Morgan City Volunteer Fire
Department was involved in a collision near the La. Highway 70 downramp. A 2007 Nissan Maxima driven by Daniel Ramirez, 38 of Lake Palourde Road Amelia collided with the rear of the fire truck causing severe damage to both vehicles.

The vehicle also struck a Morgan City Volunteer, Travis F. Bourdier, 40 years of age, of Patterson, Louisiana. Bourdier received injuries to both lower legs and was transported to Terrebone General Hospital In Houma where he is in stable condition.

Daniel Ramirez was also hospitalized with injuries. The investigation of the accident is proceeding and charges are expected pending results of blood tests.


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