Sep 27, 2010 11:51 PM by MIKE MAGNOLI

More Stories Of Bullying At Youngsville Middle

Tonight, more stories of bullying at Youngsville Middle and claims the principal is not taking the situation seriously.

Chrysta Brousard saw the story of Joseph St. Julien on katc-- and she called the newsroom.
She says her 7th grade son was bullied in the lockeroom, just like Joseph, and she has photograpghs to prove it.

Chrysta took the pictures because she says she had a feeling the Mr. Darell Comb would not follow through and sufficiently punish her boy's attackers: The snapshots show bruises up and down her son's arms-- both sides.

"Don't waste your gas driving there to talk to Mr. Comb because nothing will get done," the mother tells us.

Steven Longdon has the same point of view: He says his son was called names-- racial slurs-- in the lockeroom and then in an unrelated incident, kicked in the hallway.

"At first he was disinterested, then 2 weeks later I went back and he told me he had assigned it to an assistant principal.  Then he told me that person was unable to identify the boys who assaulted my son," Longdon told us on camera.
We asked both Steven and Chrysta if they thought this could be a little over-reacting on the part of parents: Could this just be boys being boys?

"There's rough housing and then there's roughed up," Chrysta replied.

"What Im hoping is that going on camera will do is push the school district to enforce their policy and protect our children," Longdon said

Principal Comb would not go on camera, but he us off camera he takes bullying very seriously and he thinks the school has been "proactive"- to use his word- in dealing with the bullying issue.


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