Feb 20, 2014 6:56 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

More LHS baseball players show signs of a concussion

More Lafayette High School baseball players are being treated for concussions after last weekend's bus crash. On Thursday, fourteen players were showing symptoms. Today, that number is up to 16.

For players showing signs of a concussion, it may be a while before they get back on the field.

"On average, we've seen about 10 days to return to play after a concussion," said John Roy, who owns Acadiana Physical Therapy.

Both Acadiana Physical Therapy and Our Lady of Lourdes have been administering the concussion tests for the Lafayette High baseball players. The test is called imPACT, which stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing.

Lafayette Parish high school athletes are given the imPACT test before the start of the season. That way if there's an injury, doctors have a baseline on file for comparison.

"If an athlete doesn't come close to their scores on the imPACT test, then we question it and we don't let them play, and they continue to test until their scores rise," Roy said.

The test is typically useful after an injury on the field. However in this case, the school is using it to assess injuries after the crash.

"We're looking at reflexes because usually, we've seen with concussions your reflexes take a longer time for your brain to process," said Aimee Mattox, who's the athletic trainer for Lafayette High School.

However, even once a player is cleared by a doctor, the imPACT test will ultimately determine when you get to play again.

"Sure you have other tools you still need to see doctors, but it's an extra tool we have now that we can determine when it's safe for an athlete to go back to competition," Roy said.

There's also academic protocol for students who show signs of a concussion.

"We look at reduced homework if any homework at all. Probably for the first couple days we won't administer a test onto the students. It will vary from student to student based on the severity and the symptoms," said Bobby Badeaux, athletic director for Lafayette Parish School System.



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