Jan 3, 2014 6:11 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

More blood donations needed during winter months

While many New Year's resolutions include hitting the gym or watching your finances, United Blood Services in Lafayette is hoping you "resolve to donate."

That's their message into 2014 as January is National Blood Donor month. According to United Blood Services, every three seconds, someone in the country is in need of blood and each blood donation can save up to three lives.

Christine Freeman regularly donates blood and drives from Rayne to Lafayette to do so.

"I came in because I wanted to give the gift of life," blood donor Christine Freeman said.

For Freeman, donating blood is personal because she's concerned about her sister.

"Presently, she's in the hospital and she may be getting a transfusion soon. So, I want to be able to accommodate her as well as any other persons that need," Freeman said.

Freeman is one of about 20,000 people a year who donate blood at United Blood Services in Lafayette. But this time of year, they need more people like Freeman because the number of blood donors drop.

"With all the holiday travels, with all the holiday spending, with all the holidays, people just having a lot of fun and enjoying themselves, January tends to slow down," said Jason Conner, who's the supervisor for donor recruitment for United Blood Services in Lafayette. "So, that's a time that we just want to bring awareness back to the community and continue to ask people to come out and donate blood."

It takes donations every day to make sure hospitals have as much as they need, Conner said.

"And that's the only way we can do that ... by having donors come in and donate and saving lives," Conner said.

Freeman added: "You're not only helping one person you could be helping at least two or three others. So it's just a gift and it's not a bad gift it's a great gift because you're giving someone the opportunity to survive."




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