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Mar 14, 2014 7:59 PM by Alex Labat

Monsters with Hearts: Monster Jam Returns to Cajundome

Monster trucks. The sights and sounds of these colossal machines are enough to turn a person of any age into a kid again, especially the guys who drive these things. "You know what, I've seen those kids playing with trucks. And you know what, 20 years ago those kids that were playing with trucks, are having kids. I've been around for two decades, and I've watched these "Monster Maniacs" grow from young little men, young little girls, to adults", says Scott Hartsock. He and "Gunslinger" have been wowing audiences since 1992.
Audiences come for the big thrills, says Hartsock. "People see a 10,000 pound monster truck jump over these giant hills, over the top of buses, over the tops of these big tabletops. It leaves you with the feeling that, "My God, we never knew trucks could fly".
However, these drivers say it's the little things, like meeting their fans at the "Feast with a Beast", that truly matters. "It really helps us get connected with everybody, and they're our biggest supporters. They're buying the tickets to come watch us run, and without them we wouldn't have a show", says "Grave Digger" driver Randy Brown.
It was a chance for the biggest "Monster Maniacs" to spend some one-on-one with drivers, because the only thing bigger than their trucks, are their hearts. "You know what, we can't say enough for them. I wouldn't be here without these fans", says Hartsock.


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