Apr 11, 2014 4:37 PM by Dave Fields

Monday's LPSS school bus crash ninth rear-end collision this school year

Lafayette Parish Schools System (LPSS) transportation director said Friday that all parties involved in Monday's collision with a special education school bus are recovering and that only the driver of the SUV was ticketed for the rear-end crash.

LPSS Transportation Director Damon Evans told KATC that the crash of Bus 281 on Cameron St. in Scott is in the ninth rear-end collision of an LPSS school bus this school year.

"This really does seem high to me because a bus is 30,000 pounds, 12 feet tall, 40 feet long, and bright yellow, and motorists are still running into them," Evans explained. The director said that , in the case of Monday's accident, the SUV rear-ended the bus so hard that it pushed the bus into another vehicle in front of the bus.

Scott Police Chief Chad Sonnier advised KATC that investigation of the accident is still ongoing.

Evans explained that the bus driver, Don Theriot, was transported by ambulance to the hospital as a precautionary check for whip-lash. Evans said Theriot was x-rayed and that Theriot did not run his route on Tuesday. By Wednesday, Evans said, Theriot was back to work.

Evans said that the driver of the SUV, he hears, remained overnight in the hospital with broken bones, but since has been released.

The aide and the two children on the bus found alternate transportation to the hospital, but all three are expected to be fine, Evans said.

In light of the increased number of rear-end collisions of school buses in Lafayette Parish, Evans urged all motorists to remain more aware of school buses during their peak hours of operation.

"Please pay more attention between the hours of 7a.m. and 9 a.m. and then again between 2:30 p.m. and 5 p.m.," cautioned Evans.



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