Jan 13, 2011 7:53 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Missing Sailor Found in Iberia Parish Waters

The water is not unfamiliar territory for Josiah Hoffman. Two weeks ago he took off from Galveston, Texas in his new sail boat ‘Long Last' to head to Mississippi.
Hoffman said, "I waited for about four days for a good window to sail."
On day two of his trip, Hoffman ran into a storm brewing in the gulf.
He said, "then just everything went bad, that storm came up on me so fast.
I hardly had time to do anything."
‘Long Last' made it through the first storm, but Hoffman wasn't in the clear.
"The second storm hit, and it hit so hard" he explained. "I saw it coming and I had everything trimmed as best as I could, but still the waves were just so bad."
During the first storm he lost three sails and all radio communication. The second storm destroyed his rutter, but luckily he had materials on board to make a temporary rutter.
After nine days of battling freezing temperatures without much food or water, Hoffman spotted men working on a barge out in the gulf. He guided his boat to their barge and then contacted the Coast Guard who then contacted the Iberia Parish Search and Rescue Team.
"Man to me when they arrived they looked like angels," Hoffman said. "I mean to know that they were going to tow me back, that was a real relief because I was thinking how in the world am I going to get to Mississippi from here."
Hoffman says the past few weeks have been quite the adventure, and he feels lucky he made it out alive.


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