St. Landry

Jun 22, 2012 7:29 PM by Steven Albritton

Missing Receipts in St. Landry Parish Government

An internal audit of the St. Landry Parish government found that $10,000 in purchases had no receipts to verify them. It is policy that all parish purchases be accompanied by a receipt.

"Everything must be paid with receipts. Everything must have a receipt before it is paid. We must account for every expenditure before we pay that expenditure," St. Landry Parish President Bill Fontenot said.

Since he took office in January he has already made it clear that receipts are a must. The missing receipts all happened under the previous president of the parish. Don Menard said that there is no wrong doing; he just didn't get receipts.

"The expenses were valid. They were for fuel and all of the American Express statements were initialed by me," Menard said.

He also said that on each credit card statement he initialed each purchase and placed all the necessary information on it to ensure money was accounted for. No money is missing or miscalculated, only the receipts are missing. What was done is not illegal, just against normal policy.

"In any business but particularly in government we must have accountability," Fontenot said.


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