Mar 12, 2014 6:55 PM by Akeam Ashford

Military Honor Guard Hard To Find

The military honor guard is one final way to honor a veteran's service, and now there's a call of duty to keep the tradition alive.

According to the Veterans Administration, 1,500 veterans across the country die every day, but many of them are buried without the military honors to which they are entitled.

The Acadiana Honor Guard is a group of veterans working to give their comrades their final respects. The Acadiana Honor Guard travels across the state providing services for deceased veterans, such as guarding the gravesite, playing taps, and folding the flag.

Vietnam Marine veteran Tom Green has already served in the honor guard at 16 funerals this year. He says many veterans never receive this honor.

"A lot of the families have a difficult time trying to get some type of representation," Green said. "It becomes difficult to find people willing to do it."

Green serves as commander of the Acadiana Honor Guard. He says the organization is now asking for more volunteers to step up and serve in the honor guard.

With a membership of only ten volunteers, it's no easy mission.

"We have a few members at this time," Green said.
"We hope to have about 19 to 38 actual active members that will be able to attend these funeral presentations eventually."

If you're interested in volunteering or making donations, you can contact Green at (337) 237-4885, or by email at



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