Dec 12, 2011 11:21 PM by Maddie Garrett

Mermentau Council Seeks to Remove Police Chief

The Mermentau police chief is in hot water, after being arrested last week in Crowley. Monday night the Mermentau Village Council heard complaints from citizens and decided what action, if any, they can take.

Police Chief Amber Dubois was noticeably missing from Monday night's meeting. But she still managed to stir up controversy.

"If you're going to be an officer you should uphold the law," said one attendee.

"Just because you're an elected official, you're not above the law," said Alderman Ernest "Sheeney" Gautreaux.

Crowley Police arrested Dubois last week, charging her with unlawful entry into a home and simple battery. Police said the victim was an acquaintance.

"She just kind of does what she wants, she thinks she's above the law, she is the law. She gets in wrecks they don't give her tickets. If had been me or you going in the ditches and stuff they'd give you tickets," said Theresa Simon, a Mermentau resident.

While the council can't take any action against Dubois for those allegations, they can investigate claims that Dubois no longer lives in Mermentau and has moved to Crowley.

"And like now, she's not even living here so I don't know how she can be a cop here if she's not living here," asked Simon.

But because Dubois is an elected official, the Mayor and Council can't remove her. So instead they voted to file a complaint with the District Attorney, who does have the power to determine if there is a vacancy for the office of police chief, based on the findings that Dubois no longer lives in Mermentau.



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