May 21, 2012 12:41 AM by Alex Labat

Mentally Disabled Woman Tased

Stacie Taylor is back at home after bonding out of jail...showing us the scars she says she received after being tased by Mamou Police.

Taylor described the taser by saying, "it had a string connected to it, it was long. It was connected to that shocking gun."

Taylor was arrested Saturday for disturbing the peace and tampering with a neighbor's property. The family disputes the charges, but they don't dispute that she was uncooperative with police.

Despite that, they take issue with use of the taser...because Taylor is mentally disabled.

Taylor's grandmother Obria Fontenot described her granddaughter as a loving girl who "doesn't know how to deal with money, she doesn't know how to pay bills or anything like that. Someone with a 10, maybe a 12-year-old understanding. You can understand that."

Mamou Police Chief Greg Dupuis was made aware of the incident after we posed questions. He's now launching an investigation to determine if proper procedures were followed, and if there might have been any other way to resolve the situation.



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