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Feb 19, 2014 8:46 PM by Kari Beal

Man loses weight, changes lifestyle after heart attack

59 year-old Jennings resident Keith Myers was at home with his family when everything turned to darkness.

"I was feeling a little dizzy and I just rolled over and my wife said I was turning blue," Myers said.

His wife, a nurse, started performing CPR.

"I was just panicked because I was just fussing at him please don't go," Renee Myers said. "You can't do this to me; you can't do this to me," Renee Myers said.

The Jennings Fire Department arrived in 15 minutes until an ambulance was able to take him to the Jennings American Legion Hospital. From there, he was transported to the Heart Hospital in Lafayette.

"He was fortunate that his wife knew CPR, that's what saved his life," Heart Hospital Cardiovascular Surgeon Victor Tedesco said. "I think men tend to think they are invincible and ignore their symptoms."

Myers hadn't had any cardiac testing done in more than ten years, but said he experienced some minor heart burn before the attack. Signs of a heart attack can be pains similar to indigestion or heart burn. Dr. Tedesco says it's important for people to know their risk factors, such as smoking, genetics and diabetes.

"They found out I was diabetic and that I have to change my diet and they said to start walking," Myers said.

He started walking four miles every day and changed his eating habits. According to the American Diabetes Association, beans, dark leafy greens and citrus fruit are good food choices for those with diabetes. Myers says, his lifestyle changes paid off. He lost 30 pounds and is fully back to his daily activities.

"When they started telling me what had happened I just felt very blessed to be alive," Myers said.




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